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Torque measured by strain gauge sensor is displayed, and "OK" or "NG" can be judged.
Input Signal [mV/V] ±0.5 ~ 3
Display 5 Digit, Fluorescent display tube.
Resolution ±1/2000
Input Voltage  [V] 5
Accuracy Non-linearity 0.005% F.S. / Zero Drift: within 0.5micro v/°C
Gain Drift: within 0.01%/°C
Gain Adjustment Equivalent input calibration / Actual loaded calibration
Memory 99 data
External input Reset signal / Judgment signal
External Output RS232C output, Analog output
Hi, OK, Lo (relay signal output)
Power  AV [V] 100 - 240
Dimension [mm] 150 X 200 X 94 (W, D, H)
Weight Approx. [kg] 1.7
Option Input signal control unit. (Selectable condition from the two settings)
  Please specify the unit, torque or force when ordering.  
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