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Data can be transferred to PC or printer by infrared.
Data Input  Infrared data input (Tohnichi format only)
Display 2-digits 7 segments, LED
Adapting Model CEM2, CTA, CTB, ST, STC
Data Output RS232C I/F (personal computer/printer change by outside switch)
Power Source Ni-Cd Battery
Continuous Operation [h] 2
Battery Charger (Sold Separately)*) QC-1 / QS-2 / BA-2S (AC100V ~ 220V)
Battery Charge Time [h] 1 hour (QC-1, QC-2) / 8 hour (BA-2S)
Temperature Range for Use [°C] 0 ~ 40
  Use only Tohnichi made battery charger. *You may already have the charger if you purchased Tohnichi digital equipment which normally include a charger. STC is battery operated so a charger will have to be purchased separately to use the data tank.  
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